TEHCO, INC. is a Texas licensed Underground Storage Tank Contractor specializing in all phases of environment design, coordination with Environment Protection Agency,Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, various governmental agencies, and petroleum-related businesses.  The company was incorporated in Texas in 1974 and has it's office in San Antonio.

With the ever-changing rules and regulations as set forth by the State, Environmental Protection Agency, the TCEQ, Local Code and Fire Marshal's office regulations, flexibility is required.  Our record and performance in the field has given us valuable experience, not only in increasing efficiency but also in a more complete understanding and communication with the agencies involved.

Other phases of service TEHCO, INC has been involved with are the installation of turn-key projects for service stations, installation and maintenance of all gasoline-related equipment and facilites in private industry and airports throughout the state.

TEHCO's operation is based on the latest information and technology and employs personnel who specialize in completing and closing projects as set forth by TCEQ and other governmental agencies.  This allows for a quality operation that runs smoothly not only for our company but also for our clients.

Mr. Thomas E. Howell, for over thirty-five years, has been involved in the construction industry in San Antonio and the surrounding areas of Texas and Louisiana.  He has built schools, nursing homes, bulk plants, service stations and private residences.  His knowledge of the construction industry enables him to understand and perform his present environmental work.  He is a licensed Underground Storage Tank Installer or On-Site Supervisor for Type A and Type B, a licensed Installer, and a certified CAS (Corrective Action Specialist).  TEHCO, INC. also has a licensed (State of Texas and National Council of Architectural Registration Board) in-house architect, Mr. Robert Pizzini.  Mr. Pizzini helps to handle correspondence with the TCEQ and prepares required documentation on Underground Storage Tank Closures and Remedial Reimbursement including site  assesment and research.

TEHCO, INC. presently holds a contract with the City of San Antonio, consummated annually by bid.  Our company has held this contract for over twenty years, each year receiving the position by competitive process.  This contract includes construction, maintenance and all fuel-related work for the San Antonio Water Board, Police Garages, Public Works Department, Fire Department, San Antonio International Airport, all Automotive Operations and Dos Rios.

All construction and/or maintenance is performed by Tehco, Inc.
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